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Cotton Swabs

Cotton Swabswe offer are utilized to clean the ear canal and ensure the removal of earwax. They are suited for applying as well as removing makeup. They are handy in use are useful for several microbiological cultures. They are swabbed onto the infected area and ensure the removal of bacteria. They are also suited to take DNA samples. They are mainly used to clean the ears. Cotton Swabsare used for the removal of excess earwax as well as debris from their ear ducts. They are suggested by several medical experts and allow for simple and effortless use. 

Alcohol Cotton Swabs

Alcohol Cotton Swabs are  used to disinfect the skin prior to injection. They help in preventing infections caused due to bacteria on the skin saturated with isoproply alcohol, providing maximum hygiene to the patients. These are extensively used in hospital and are packed by using material that helps in keeping the contents of the product and does not let the alcohol dry. Furthermore, clients can buy these Alcohol Cotton Swabs from us at reasonable rates.

Sterile Cotton Swab

Sterile Cotton Swab is used for cleaning wounds, absorbing exudates, primary cover over low to medium exuding wounds, prepping incision area before surgery. To ensure its compliance with the international quality standards, it is manufactured and bleached in aseptic environment by making use of quality approved material. We make sure to pack this Sterile Cotton Swab in hygienic packaging material, in order to ensure its safety from impurity and other contents.

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